Try the new BTS Cargo & Hangar Services restaurant on the premises

We have always tried offering our clients the highest quality service. This is why we searched for the best possible solution after closing the restaurant on our premises. The restaurant has been operating for many years on the BTS Cargo & Hangar Services premises, making the canceling of this operation unpleasant. The employees of companies based in our area relied on eating in the surroundings. Only in 2015 were we able to reconstruct the original abandoned space and restore the operation of the restaurant on the premises. However, we still wanted to move services to an even higher level. And we finally succeeded.

BTS Cargo & Hangar Services a Bevanda

You can enjoy the new restaurant operator from June 2017. Bevanda is a major service provider in the field of gastronomy companies.  Our clients may know about it from the nearby Galan shopping center where it previously operated. Bevanda is able to cater not only individual meals without problems, but also deliver lunch in case of interest from larger companies, or take your order and make it possible for personal pick-up. Are you interested in organizing an event for your employees or do you need a meeting room with great refreshments? Bevanda is happy to provide you with this service.

Great food as well as premises

The shift towards the better does not only concern the quality of the meals, but also the premises themselves. The restaurant has undergone changes allowing you to rely on air conditioning during hot summer days. If you love sunny weather, enjoy it on the spacious outdoor terrace. However, we are already planning new things together with Bevanda – one of which is to expand capacity by creating seating in the covered atrium. We are glad to have increased the quality of our services again and made another step toward our clients’ satisfaction. Come try a new cuisine and don’t hesitate to share your experiences.