Even a silent change of corporate identity can arouse great interest

It is not unusual when large companies pay for a big TV or print campaign when changing their business name, logo or website. It’s understandable – everyone wants customers to meet them in new clothing. But when these changes are transferred sensitively and follow the previous identity, you don’t have to worry that your “new” people won’t know. And this is precisely the case of the BTS CARGO company. How did the change in their corporate identity do?

The identity change launched a company reorganization

The world is moving and if we want to succeed in it, we must move forward with it. We need to acquire new knowledge, acquire other useful abilities and monitor current trends. This is not only true for people, but also companies. Over the past 5 years, BTS CARGO has moved significantly forward. There is also a great appetite for even greater change with new ambitions and goals. And one of them was just a change in corporate identity.

This change came in quietly, but with a significant effect. New logo, new website, new business card and electronic signature. All this is a clear signal that BTS CARGO is not afraid of major changes and is interested in moving forward with the world, trends and times. The new corporate identity fits the visions, opinions and business activities of the company even more. The visual elements uncompromisingly communicate the quality the company is founded on, while clearly distinguishing itself from the competition and making the brand unique.

What is the company profile

This company in an attractive location of Bratislava Airport rents out warehouses, hangars and offices. Over the past five years, BTS CARGO has invested a significant amount in rebuilding and managing real estate, gaining a steady clientele with prominent names.