Try the new BTS Cargo & Hangar Services restaurant on the premises

We have always tried offering our clients the highest quality service. This is why we searched for the best possible solution after closing the restaurant on our premises. The restaurant has been operating for many years on the BTS Cargo & Hangar Services premises, making the canceling of this operation unpleasant. The employees of companies

Even a silent change of corporate identity can arouse great interest

It is not unusual when large companies pay for a big TV or print campaign when changing their business name, logo or website. It’s understandable – everyone wants customers to meet them in new clothing. But when these changes are transferred sensitively and follow the previous identity, you don’t have to worry that your “new”

Renting space vs. Buying space for business

Entrepreneurs must address a host of issues.  One of them is the decision whether or not to locate their business in rented premises or to make a much larger investment and buy their own property. Let’s break down the various advantages and disadvantages of both.   Renting space for business Let’s take a look at

Proper parking in a hangar prolongs the life of your aircraft

Many successful people dream about owning their own airplane. Of course, it’s not the cheapest thing, which is why, if someone is finally able to buy one, it should be properly cared for. And, such care, is especially important during the winter, when it will most likely spend most of the time on the ground

Our lucrative address next to the Bratislava Airport and Avion

Administrative and office facilities are an essential part of any business. Having one’s own office in a lucrative place not only provides employees with a comfortable environment, but also increases the image of the company and, very often, the internal processes as well. Searching for such a space may prove more difficult than it first