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Building equipment

  • Access to building 24/7
  • Air conditioning
  • Camera system
  • Electric heat
  • Gas heating
  • Inter-PBX service
  • Junction exchange system
  • Natural ventilation
  • Parking
  • Partial air-conditioning
  • Partial camera system
  • Public Transportation
  • Small kitchen
  • Structured cabling and wiring

Whether you are looking for a hangar or another warehouse area, the F building will be an interesting choice for you.

The hangars in this building are ideal for parking small sport planes and private jets, and on top of that, they are located in the airport’s flight zone itself.

If you are interested in larger warehouses, the hangers in the part of the building opening onto the administrative part of the airport are a suitable choice. If you need to make changes in the layout, or improve the standards of the premises, we can also ensure renovations.

If you are interested in renting premises in this building, please contact us by phone on +421 918 661 293, by email at btscargo@btscargo.sk or using the contact form on this site. The contractual terms are flexible and can be agreed on an individual basis.

Floor plans of the building