Our greatest advantage is the accessibility of our location where we offer administrative and storage spaces for rent. It has direct connection to the city ring road, the D1 highway, excellent links to the centre of Bratislava, and most importantly it is in the immediate vicinity of the airport. All of this can help your business to succeed.

More and more companies are choosing their headquarters not only based on its location and functional characteristics, but also on the pleasantness and warmth of the surrounding area. The surroundings of the buildings we offer are developed and properly maintained on daily basis. Of course, there is also a sufficient amount of greenery and plant life.

Within the area of BTS Cargo & Hangar Services, where there are individual buildings for rent, a food service facility  – BTS Cargo Restaurant, is also available. It offers you and your employees convenient and delicious food at a very affordable price.

When renting an office or a storage space in our buildings, you no longer need to worry about resolving the issue of where to park company vehicles or cars of your employees or clients. Parking is secured directly within the complex in a secure zone with 24/7 security service. 


We are concerned about providing you with maximum security. All rental spaces are located in a guarded complex with 24 hour security service 7 days a week, which ensures that there is no threat of theft of damage to your property.

The BTS Cargo & Hangar Services buildings offer you maximum flexibility with regards to administrative, storage, hangar space, and even complete individual properties which can be spatially as well as functionally modified to meet the needs of the tenant. There are also spaces available with varying sizes and dimensions with the possibility for custom modifications.

The company BTS Cargo & Hangar Services offers you complete administrative and maintenance service of the property – Facility Management. You do not simply receive only rental space from us, but also its complete management and administration, by which we save you a great deal of human and financial capacity.

We, within Bratislava territory,  offer exceptional combination – offices, warehouses, and even hangars all concentrated in one place. Your company will find here not only an administrative hub, but all the necessary space needed for its smooth operation as well.